Customer Reviews

“We just want to be sure and thank you and your employees for the kind and friendly and timely service you gave us when we were traveling through Texas. We were trying to beat the bad weather home. Hope this finds you as you were moving shortly after we were there. We had gone way too many places that would not even help or schedule us. You went the second mile for us and we so appreciate it. God bless you all and your business!”


Alan and Debbie

Billings MT.

“Specialty auto guys have earned our trust forever.”

“We were in a pretty disastrous situation while passing through Lubbock on our way home to New Mexico. Our fuel pump went out and we were stranded. The local Ford dealer couldn’t even schedule to look at our van until after the weekend (which was 4 days away) and none of the other shops would see us either. Our situation looked really bleak.

The tow truck driver recommended Specialty Auto Repair. He said if we have to wait for several days to get a repair, he knows that this is the place worth waiting for.

After we explained our situation to Brandon (the shop’s owner) he was the only person who was nice enough to help us out. Despite being booked solid, he diagnosed the faulty pump the same day and replaced it in the morning. We were on our way by afternoon.

As a bonus since the engine was already exposed for the fuel pump to go in,  Brandon pointed out the persistent engine oil leak we’ve had for a while. While other mechanics tried to rip us off telling us it was a rear main seal, which is a few thousand dollar repair, it turned out to be a little bolt with a bad gasket. A couple dollar gasket and a quarter turn of the bolt took care of that.

Specialty auto shop is a down to earth place with honest guys who know their stuff inside and out. It’s an awesome thing to know that people and places like this still exist.”

Alex S.

Taos, NM